SAP Concur Named In The Top Ten Most Popular Corporate Apps For 2019

Naomi Hamlin |

Make no mistake apps make life easier, those little squares on your phone or tablet enabling you to be just a click away from internet banking or online shopping. Business apps are no different, allowing the user to access critical software anywhere at any time and with the added benefit of them being mobile ready removes the need to log on to a laptop or use a website on a device. Having these apps can only make you more productive.

A recent survey by workplace software company Okta named SAP Concur in its Top 10 of the most popular corporate apps. The survey is based on its monitoring of 7,400 customers that use its software and looks at apps that are accessed online from third party suppliers. SAP Concur were in good company with Microsoft Office 365 and Salesforce also ranking in the top 10.

The SAP Concur app provides users with a single place for, all your travel, expense and invoice management requirements, it enables our clients to book a flight or hotel, submit an expense claim or even track mileage on the go.  It even goes as far as to allow these requests to be reviewed and approved from the app, so not a moment is wasted by having to log in to the full system. The approving manager can simply check all the details supplied and with one click allow the request to be approved or sent back to the employee for more details. With it being so easy to do your expenses on the go and get approval from your manager, it leads to employees getting reimbursed faster. No wonder our clients love using it so much.

We don’t like to leave anyone out and the SAP Concur app allows full integration with our partner apps as well. Book an Uber and the receipt goes straight to your expense claim, need to check gate details or to be proactively update for flight delays lets sync the app to TripIt. We really have tried to make it as easy as possible for you to manage your travel, expense, invoices and time in the most efficient way and will continue to do this forever to keep our place in the top ten!

 Better expense, travel and invoice management. Always. To discover the full solution, visit our website today.