Business travel expenses managed automatically

Streamline travel booking, expense reporting, and reimbursement.

Manage all your business travel expenses, from booking to reporting to tax compliance, with a single solution

When employees travel for business purposes, expenses like airfare, accommodation, transportation, and meals can add up quickly. Travel and expenses make up an average of 10% of the total business budget, so it’s crucial to have complete and accurate information about travel expenses so your organisation can take advantage of smart spending strategies, savings, and tax deductions. Does your current business travel solution help you manage flight booking and hotel bookings from multiple distribution systems; enforce your travel policy, and build digital expense claims on the go? And can the business access reports on key performance indicators? An automated solution can help streamline these tasks. Automation improves your business travel management and lets you:

  • Simplify expense reporting with digital reports created via mobile, e-receipts, and automatic payment.
  • Keep your employees safe and connected, allowing you to fulfill duty of care.
  • Ensure global tax compliance with apps that manage deductions and VAT reclaim.

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Make expense reports easy to file and quick to reimburse

With Concur Expense features like e-receipts, linked purchasing cards, and the ability to photograph physical receipts for automatic insertion into expense claims, users can easily track business travel expenses with reports that virtually write themselves. And with automatic payment, you can instantly calculate expenses incurred and speed up reimbursement payments.

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Keep your employees safe wherever they travel with Concur Locate

You have a legal obligation to keep your employees safe when they travel for business purposes. Concur Locate alerts you to potential risks, keeps you connected in the event of a crisis, and empowers you to help employees with on-the-ground assistance. It allows you to ensure your employees are secure without the expense of operating and maintaining your own security infrastructure.

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Manage travel-related deductions and compliance with global tax regulations

It’s challenging to navigate tax issues for both domestic and global travel. It’s more than simply having to deduct travel expenses from a business trip. Does your expense solution know which purchases are tax deductible, or how to correctly reclaim VAT? With SAP Concur, you can connect to apps that manage tax compliance and claim tax relief wherever users travel.

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Is your legacy expense solution ready for today’s business travel?

You may have a long-standing system for managing your travel expenses. But as your business grows and your workforce and travel needs evolve, it may be time to reassess how you manage travel and process expenses that include transportation, lodging, and meals.

  • Is your travel expense system connected to your accounting and other business systems?
  • Does your travel solution connect to apps that help you save on expenses and reclaim VAT?
  • Can you make travel purchases with preferred suppliers within your solution?

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“We audited expense claims from businesses not using SAP Concur and found that, on average, 25% of claims contained VAT that could have been reclaimed.”

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Three ways to save on travel and expense with automation

Business travel expenses make up an average of 10% of businesses’ budgets, so it’s well worth the effort to examine your current processes. Is it time to upgrade your system to increase automation? Are you claiming the correct tax deductions for business? Start your assessment with these three strategies:

Use automated error checks to stop costly mistakes, like duplicate reporting of expenses
Select a system that moves approvals forward instantly, without requiring hands-on management
Choose a solution that helps you reclaim VAT when appropriate

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From avoiding errors to tax advantages to productivity gains, managing your travel and expenses better can mean significant cost-savings and a stronger bottom line – month after month, year after year.”