EvoBus UK, part of the Daimler Group

Time-savings, less manual data entry, happy employees, and confidence to pass an HMRC audit.

EvoBus (UK) Ltd handles the sales, marketing, and all after-sales support for Mercedes-Benz and Setra buses/coaches in the UK and Ireland. EvoBus was using an Excel, paper-based form; it was quite time-consuming for employees and it took a lot of time and effort for its finance department to process everything and ensure the VAT was inputted correctly. EvoBus decided to go with Concur as Mercedes Benz UK, one of its sister companies, was using the professional version without any issues, and it was easily accepted by employees. Since implementing Concur, there is a lot less paperwork flying around. Concur was just the thing to help them improve their systems, deliver value-added work and give them control and compliance.

Why EvoBus Prefers Concur:

  • Significant time-savings
  • Credit-card imports: less manual data entry; automated receipt itemisation
  • Confidence to pass an HMRC audit
  • Happy employees, thanks to the mobile app
  • Improved reporting and accountability

"The Concur system is brilliant because you can see the approval, approval flows, and audit flows so you can check where the claim is and who it has been sent to at any point in time. The employees can also see where it is in the system and, if need be, chase their line managers for approval."

-Claire Weatherall, Head of Controlling, EvoBus








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