Hoyer Petrolog UK Ltd

SAP Concur brings clarity and simplicity to Hoyer Petrolog UK Ltd’s expense management.

The UK operation of a global logistics leader employs specialists to manage non-core IT functions. Embracing Concur Travel & Expense creates a more efficient, traceable and user-friendly approach to expenses.

Why SAP Concur?

  • Single platform across travel, expense and invoice.
  • SAP Concur also provides audit services.
  • Local support but with the scale to expand globally.
  • Mobile application means claims will be logged immediately, regardless of location, by capturing copies of receipts.
  • Ease of use and flexibility around implementation.

We came for the automation but the reporting, workflow process and mobile application have been the real find.

-Mike Linney, Finance Manager, Hoyer Petrolog UK






Huddersfield, UK


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