IHRM Corporate & NWA Collection

UK tax compliance & VAT reporting addressed thanks to a simple, easy to use solution.

IHRM Corporate & NWA Collection is a company providing representation, distribution and technology, as well as revenue management, sales and marketing solutions to the global hotel industry. IHRM Corporate & NWA Collection was looking for a solution that would help quickly and easily record expense claims generated when travelling internationally. In particular, they wanted a solution that would address UK tax compliance rules, including VAT reporting. IHRM Corporate & NWA Collection found a major benefit of the small business edition is recording international expenses in the original currency and being repaid in pounds, as Concur automatically imports current currency exchange rates.

Why IHRM Corporate & NWA Collection Prefers Concur:

  • Very simple to use
  • Easy to organise expense claims
  • Everything is located in one place

"At the beginning we were scared; another new system to learn? But it was very simple.The system demonstration was very good, I haven’t needed to look at the tutorial."

-Nahimby Pachano, Regional Sales Manager, IHRM Corporate & NWA Collection


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UK, USA, Italy, Spain


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