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Less burden on admin staff, more accurate mileage and improved VAT reclaim.

Lexacom develops digital dictation software used by legal and medical professionals across the UK. They were looking for an expense management solution that would help their admin staff deal with processing both expenses and the management data from expense claims made by the sales team. Lexacom felt it was important to relieve admin staff of the burden of dealing with expense claims that were coming into the office from the home-based sales force who infrequently visit the office, and who clock up miles of travelling each month. They were looking for a more efficient and robust way to get expenses done.

Why Lexacom Prefers Concur:

  • A reduction in the burden on admin staff
  • Expenses can be kept within policy guidelines
  • Increased insight into what is being spent on expenses
  • More accurate mileage totals with Google Maps integration
  • Improved ability to reclaim VAT
  • Access to data that helps them control the expense process
  • The ability to manage and submit expenses while they are out and about

"It relieves the burden of admin to check off and process claims for payment, something that could take two full days."

-Mitchell Hart-Lincoln, Senior Operations Manager, Lexacom


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