OCS finds the path to instant expense reporting with SAP Concur

Since its inception, right up until 2013, OCS had evolved a paper-intensive, manual expenses system requiring its users to record and retain receipts and submit monthly expense claims. With some 2,000 claimants potentially generating over 900 claims per month, the inadequacy of the paper-based system was compounded by the sheer diversity of the Company’s services and the large number of its internal divisions. In 2011, SAP Concur, along with two other solutions specialists, were invited to pitch their systems and SAP Concur was chosen because its system’s operational features were deemed superior and, equally importantly, it was also felt that the SAP Concur system was more able to integrate with OCS internal accounting procedures. 

Our real motivation was driven by a need to make our divisional expenses more accountable. We were previously unable to formalise a more cohesive expense strategy due to an inability to generate the reporting we needed.

-Sarah Edwards, OCS


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