Sabic Innovative Plastics

A single, unified system across Europe with tailored rules for different countries, as required.

With offices across Europe, Sabic Innovative Plastics’s employees often found themselves travelling to meet colleagues and clients at a number of locations. The manual,spreadsheet-based expense claim process, however, wasn’t simple. What’s more, the process was different in each country where Sabic Innovative Plastics operated. These factors led Sabic Innovative Plastics to search for a unified system they could use across Europe. They needed an easy-to-use system that could be implemented across various regions with ease, was adaptable to specific cultural requirements, was cost-effective and time efficient. Following a consultation phase, Sabic Innovative Plastics implemented Concur® Expense.

Why Sabic Innovative Plastics Prefers Concur:

  • Flexible user interface with tailored rules as needed when there are changes in travel polic
  • Integration with a range of corporate card providers for ease of reporting
  • High level of reporting functionality to assess expenditure data
  • A clear line of sight into the current workflow
  • An integrated solution that could be rolled out across the whole European business

"Since installing Concur Expense, the time spent submitting expense claims has dropped significantly. Doing expenses is no longer seen as a chore by employees, thanks to the user-friendly interface. Concur Expense is truly a globally integrated solution that has made Sabic Innovative Plastics’s expense reporting process much easier."

-Twan van Kasteren,Payroll and Travel Leader, Sabic Innovative Plastics Europe






The Netherlands


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