By moving to Concur, Unisys reduced travel booking fees by more than 40 per cent.

Since 1873 Unisys has been introducing technology services and solutions to organizations around the world.The organization wanted to implement an on-demand corporate travel booking solution to help them manage business travel spend. Unisys manual travel booking process not only lacked convenience for business travelers, but was costly and difficult to monitor compliance. To support their global organization, Unisys looked to Concur to implement a single travel booking tool, equipped with global functionality as well as primary “in-country” requirements. Unisys recognized that to drive adoption they had to implement an intuitive travel booking solution that closely mimics an online consumer travel booking tool.

Why Unisys Prefers Concur:

  • Visibility into reporting and compliance
  • Travel booking fees reduced by more than 40 percent
  • Significant cost avoidance from utilization of lower airfares
  • Sustained adoption rate exceeding 90 percent
  • Broad access to global travel content
  • Improved utilization of preferred suppliers and negotiated rates

"By moving to an on-demand travel booking solution, Unisys has reduced travel booking fees by more than 40 percent and realized significant cost avoidance on air spend."

-Serge Bacchus, European Travel Manager, Unisys






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