Vertex Data Science

A positive impact on efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

Vertex Data Science Ltd, a global leader in business process outsourcing (BPO) and customer management outsourcing (CMO), were existing users of Concur’s expense solution when they made the decision to deploy Travel with Expense and implement this integrated solution across their global enterprise.Though they were benefitting from the process efficiencies of using Expense, business travel was an area of business expenses where Vertex were spending a large proportion of their costs, so keeping more control over this spend was always going to help their bottom line. Moving to Concur’s integrated travel and expense solution together with implementing a new global travel policy, has given Vertex a more complete picture into their travel bookings alongside their expense spend. This has given them the ability to eradicate ineffective policies, as well as help them have a positive impact on efficiency, productivity and profitability.

Why Vertex Prefers Concur:

  • more efficient travel and expense process
  • A more efficient way to handle receipts
  • An integrated global travel policy
  • Trip data prepopulated into expense claim
  • Corporate card data prepopulated into claim
  • A common intuitive interface
  • A mobile solution to do expenses on the go
  • A fully scalable solution for the whole
  • global enterprise

"We wanted a single, self-serve, online travel booking tool. The introduction of Travel to complement our existing Expense product has introduced a number of productivity tools that have drastically reduced the effort required to create, submit and approve expense claims. We reviewed available IT platforms and selected Concur based on our existing good relationship, the benefits of an integrated solution, the functionality of the tool and the overall cost effectiveness"

-Martin Lonsdale, Strategy & Performance Manager, Vertex








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