VMware, Inc. Increases Efficiency, Control and Gains a Productive Way to Manage Spend

VMware is well known for transforming entire industries, providing the disruptive technologies organisations need to compete in a digital world. So, it comes as no surprise that this global innovator is continually looking for ways to transform and optimise its own internal processes to improve productivity, scalability, and deliver the analytic insight its leadership needs for strategic decision-making.

That quest is what motivated company leaders to begin their search for a better, more transparent way to manage employee expenses.

“Our employees were submitting reimbursement requests through a legacy system with a very cumbersome user interface. They had to first log into the VPN, then go from screen to screen and attach scanned receipts to complete the process,” explains Reema Mukherjee, Director of Finance Systems and Solutions at VMware. “After it was submitted, the expense report had to make its way through different integrations, so there was already a lag by the time it got to our AP department. If the employee made a mistake or the request was missing information, AP had to send it back to the approving manager, which added more time to the process.”

Audits happened manually, so only a random sampling of the 150,000 expense reports coming in each quarter could be reviewed. That made compliance checks challenging, and, more importantly, didn’t give the company leadership visibility into real-time global spend.

Download the full case study and watch the video to learn more.

Our mission is to deliver solutions to our business partners that transform, scale, or grow the business [through] process re-engineering and automation. SAP Concur helps us achieve our goals by allowing us to scale our organisation and improve productivity as our employee population keeps growing. We are delivering quick, easy, and fully auditable T&E functionality to our employees. 

– Reema Mukherjee, Director of Finance Systems and Solutions at VMware




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