Young and Co.’s Brewery, P.L.C.

Out-of-policy claims identified, thanks to the compliant expense management solution.

Young and Co.’s Brewery, P.L.C. is a public limited company established in 1831. The company manages all operations for selling food and drink through its network of pubs. Previously, Young’s employees had to use a spreadsheet-based form to claim expenses. To help them make the most of their time, Young’s turned to GlobalExpense (now from Concur) to help them simplify the process and deliver timely information to help them manage costs.

Why Young and Co.'s Brewery Prefers Concur:

  • A compliant expense management service that automatically identifies out of policy claims
  • A streamlined process that removes a significant administrative burden for the payment of claims from the Head Office
  • A single, unified system that provides timely information to help them manage their overall spend
  • Quicker payment, with employees able to submit and track every claim through the web-based service
  • VAT compliance and maximised VAT reclaim

"The GlobalExpense solution gives me peace of mind that our paid expenses are more rigorously and effectively processed than previously. Claims procedures are now standardised and information retrieval and analysis is much improved, providing scope to generate and enforce new rules and processes in the future.”

-Keith Wilson, Young and Co Brewery


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