Deliver Your Solution Using SaaS


Software as a Service (SaaS) is a maturing technology that is a flexible, versatile, yet low-cost answer to implementing an automated travel and expense solution. Using SaaS to implement your Concur solution means that there is also no need to invest in new or additional hardware or software.

In addition, we make our solutions easy to configure and easy to maintain thus ensuring it's always straightforward and quick to get the system working the way you need it.


Quick, Cost-Effective and Easy-to-Implement Solutions

We want you to benefit from a travel and expense solution that is easy to implement. That is why we deliver our solution using SaaS. With our solution you pay monthly, meaning you benefit from:

  • A low or zero initial outlay
  • No capital expenditure costs
  • Predictable on-going costs
  • No additional cost for adding new users

All this means that it is quick to get up and running so you reap the benefits of an automated travel and expense solution and see a rapid return on investment.

Trumpf Case Study

Easy for You to Administer

Quickly add new users, including new starters

Adding a new user to our solution is easy and you can do it without your IT department having to get involved. Being in control yourself means you can quickly allow new employees to start submitting expense claims.

Want to make a change to your expense policy?

Imagine that you have recently reviewed your expense policy and have decided that the maximum value for train tickets needs to go up in light of fare increases. Our solution lets you modify it yourself, you don't need to hire in external third-party experts or consultants to do it for you. You can experience the benefit of the system change immediately.

Automatic Updates and Upgrades

Do you do system upgrades?

Unlike other legacy systems, our upgrades go on behind the scenes without you needing to do anything, like roll back data or work late at night or over weekends to perform upgrades while the system is not being used.

Fluctuating currencies?

Currencies go up and down all the time, but we automatically import this data and keep them updated so you don't have to worry about it. We keep on top of the latest developments in technology, changes in regulation and expenses best-practice so the system is always performing in the way you require.