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Concur Guaranteed Compliance Service:

Easily Achieve Compliance with Internal Policies and External Statutory Requirements.


Concur® Guaranteed Compliance Service helps ensure that your expenses are always compliant with your own policies as well as the latest income tax and VAT rules.
Plus, you can:

  • Increase your VAT reclaim
  • Reduce back office processing time and costs associated with expenses
  • Increase claim accuracy with 100% receipt auditing
  • Benefit from expert VAT knowledge throughout your expense process
  • Be confident of full VAT compliance on expenses

Increase Accuracy with Digital Receipts

Even with a dispensation, you can’t reclaim VAT from expenses if you don’t have relevant VAT information as shown on your receipts. But stacks of paper receipts can make expense reporting a hassle on the road (or once back in the office). The Concur solution lets you attach digital images to claims, making the process easier while ensuring receipts are accurately evidenced for later reference.

We’ll Handle Paper Receipts, Too

With Concur, you simply upload receipts by using our self-service tools. However, we understand that sometimes regulatory requirements demand the collection of all receipts. So we also offer Concur® Paper Receipt Handling which you can use to manage and store receipts. Simply send us your receipts in a pre-paid envelope, and we enter the details. We then cross-check them against your policy to ensure they are within your limits. Next, the claim is reviewed by an auditor who ensures the right data is entered so that receipts can be correctly categorised as business expenses against HMRC's latest tax rules (so you can claim back VAT).

Easily Calculate and Report Mileage

As you know, HMRC have strict rules on the number of claimable miles and the claimable rate. With Concur you can:

  • Quickly record mileage accurately with GoogleMaps integration, even when your journey has multiple way-points
  • Record multiple mileage rates based on engine size
  • Indicate whether you are using a company car or your personal one
  • Calculate your total business mileage for your P11D (for the UK), DADS (in France)
  • Automatically update mileage allowances when they are amended by HMRC

Ensure Compliance with Other Regulations

The Bribery Act, for example, has raised questions about entertaining clients and what is acceptable. Our solution gives you the information you need to see exactly which clients are being entertained, how often and how much was spent.

That data can also be used when you need to comply with:

  • Freedom of Information Act requests
  • Carbon Footprint reporting
  • Senior Accounting Officer (SAO)/ Finance Act reporting
  • Your Trade Body's code of practice reporting (e.g. Pharmaceuticals)
  • Sunshine Act audits (US)

Easily Navigate VAT Compliance

It can be difficult to ensure that your expenses are compliant, especially with the complex legislation that surrounds income tax and VAT. Our solution delivers complete control and guaranteed statutory compliance through:

  • Data protection
  • Sarbanes-Oxley/SOX
  • VAT & income tax
  • PCI Compliance
  • Per diem and travel allowances
  • Mileage allowances for HMRC
  • PSA and P11D

Recover as Much VAT as Possible

In our experience, many organisations find it time-consuming and challenging to identify all of the VAT that they could reclaim. Consequently, they often write-off VAT for some expense types even though it could be reclaimed. Our solution ensures that all your expense claim data is entered correctly so that you can recover as much VAT as possible.

Expenses, VAT and HMRC compliance research

Automate Reimbursement

Reimbursing expenses (and making sure expenses are compliant) can be laborious and complex. At the same time, slow and or inaccurate payment can upset your employees.Our Expense Pay service takes away the pain of expense reimbursement through automation. For example, we offer a better purchase-to-payment process. Using this service with your travel and expense management solution will help you reduce the workload involved in paying back expenses. Which means the finance team can spend less time paying expenses, and employees get paid back sooner.