Guarantee It: VAT Compliant Expense Control


We know it can be difficult to ensure that your expenses are compliant, especially with the complex legislation that surrounds income tax and VAT.

We have a solution to take the pain out of the costly and time-consuming, but essential, legal requirements. Our Compliance Service offering delivers complete control and guaranteed statutory compliance for your VAT on your expenses.

Manage Your Expenses with the Guaranteed Compliance Service from Concur

Our Guaranteed Compliance Service offering helps you manage your business expenses and ensure they are always compliant with the latest income tax and VAT rules. With our solution you can:

  • Increase your policy, tax and VAT compliance
  • Increase your VAT reclaim
  • Reduce back office processing time and costs associated with expenses
  • Increase claim accuracy with 100% receipt auditing
  • Benefit from expert VAT knowledge throughout your expense process
  • Be confident of full VAT compliance on expenses

With better control over your expense compliance you can spend less time being concerned that noncompliant expenses could damage your reputation.

Insight into Compliance Whitepaper

HMRC Compliant Expenses

Do changes in legislation leave you flummoxed? With an ever-changing landscape of expense compliance it can be difficult to keep up.

To help you, our Compliance Service offering can guarantee compliance with the VAT rules from HMRC.

How do we do that? You can simply upload your receipts by using our self-service tools. Alternatively we can manage and store your receipts for you. You simply send us your receipts in a pre-paid envelope and we enter the details from these receipts. We then cross-check them against your policy to ensure they are within your limits and therefore ensure that all the right data is entered in your system.

Then we go a step further, the claim is reviewed by an auditor who ensures the right data is entered so that receipts can be correctly categorised as business expenses against HMRC's latest tax rules in order to claim back VAT.

HMRC Spot Checks Whitepaper

Are you recovering enough VAT? In our experience, many organisations find it time-consuming and challenging to identify all of the VAT that they could reclaim. Consequently they typically write-off VAT for some expense types even though it could be reclaimed.

Our solution ensures that all your expense claim data is entered correctly so you can be sure that you can recover as much VAT as possible.

Employee Expenses Benchmark Report 2013