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Achieve It: Internal and External Compliance

Corporate Compliance

Compliance doesn't need to be taxing, and using Concur solutions to manage your employee expenses spend means that it is easy to achieve compliance with both your internal policies and with external statutory regulations.

Achieve Internal Compliance

Mileage being calculated at the wrong rate? Strong internal policy controls that monitor your corporate travel booking and expense management will help to ensure you keep control over one of your biggest spends. It also helps recognise when the wrong rate is being used to calculate, or even if the same receipt is expensed twice by the same or different employees.

These controls will help identify what is inside and outside policy, flagging spend which is exceptional. This ability to single out expenses where there is an issue means that it is easy to combat possible over-spend on expenses before they occur.

Where Has the Receipt Gone?

Attaching digital images to claims is easy and ensures that all claims are evidenced. The ability to attach proof of purchase not only ensures that the right data is available to refer to later, but also for HMRC compliance.

Our solution also gives you the ability to:

Achieve Statutory Compliance with Concur

We are committed to ensuring that your solution helps you achieve compliance in the following areas:

  • Data protection
  • Sarbanes-Oxley/SOX
  • VAT & income tax
  • PCI Compliance
  • Per diem and travel allowances
  • Mileage allowances for HMRC
  • PSA and P11D

Insight into Expense Compliance Whitepaper

Helping You Guarantee Your Income Tax and VAT Compliance

Do you have a receipt for that? HMRC require receipts for expenses, even if you have dispensation, and you can't reclaim VAT from expenses if you don't have relevant VAT information shown on the receipt. The lowly receipt is the single most important piece of evidence in expense claim management compliance.

With our Guaranteed Compliance Service offering we can guarantee that your expenses are HMRC compliant. .

HMRC Spot Checks Whitepaper

Accurately Record Mileage

How far is it from London to Cambridge? When you are out on the road clocking up miles how do you record your mileage? And, more importantly, do you remember to record it?

HMRC have strict rules on the number of claimable miles and the claimable rate. Our solution ensures that you have accurate mileage so that you know exactly which rate you should be claiming.

We do this by giving you the ability to:

  • Quickly record mileage accurately - even when your journey has multiple way-points - with GoogleMaps integration
  • Record multiple mileage rates based on engine size
  • Indicate whether you are using a company car or your personal one
  • Calculate your total business mileage for your P11D (for the UK), DADS (in France)
  • Automatically update mileage allowances when they are amended by HMRC

It can even be done on your mobile phone using Concur for smartphones.

Achieve Regulatory Compliance

Who are you entertaining? Even if you are complying with HMRC rules on expense reporting there are other regulations for which you may want to use the data you hold on travel and expenses spend.

The Bribery Act, for example, has raised questions about entertaining clients and what is acceptable. Our solution gives you the information you need to see exactly which clients are being entertained, how often and how much was spent.

Your data can also be used when you need to comply with:

  • Freedom of Information Act requests
  • Carbon Footprint reporting
  • Senior Accounting Officer (SAO)/ Finance Act reporting
  • Your Trade Body's code of practice reporting (e.g. Pharmaceuticals)
  • Sunshine Act audits (US)

Webinar: Bribery Act: How Prepared are You?

Seeing Compliance in Your Business Intelligence

How easily is it, for you, to spot out-of-policy spending? To spot non-compliant spend you need to be able to easily access and report on your employee expense spend data.

Our Business Intelligence service provides you with a set of standard reports that you can use to report on a wide-range of expense data. It also gives you the ability to customise your own reports so that if there is a particular aspect of compliance that you would like more insight into; you can quickly and easily generate reports to help you do this.

This gives you a 360 degree view into all your employee expense data which helps to ensure that your expenses are compliant.