Bribery and Corruption - Can you account for your expense spend?

With the introduction of the Bribery Act 2010, it is more critical than ever for businesses to have control over their employees’ spend.

The act will introduce corporate accountability and a criminal offence for companies failing to prevent the bribery of public officials committed by employees and/or third parties working on their behalf both in the UK and throughout the world.

This means companies need to show that they have taken the steps, or ‘adequate measures’ to prevent acts of bribery being committed on their behalf. Using an automated travel and expense solution like Concur could be an essential step in showing that you have measures in place to ensure bribes cannot be legitimised through the expense system.

By using Concur you gain:

Control over employee spend

As an automated, end-to-end travel and expense reporting process, Concur gives you complete control over employee spend with the ability to implement your own travel and expense policies. Defined business rules, specific to your organisation, are built into Concur to ensure compliance. Any spend outside policy is automatically flagged for further investigation.

Complete visibility into employee spend

Having complete visibility into all employee travel spend is essential for companies wanting to control what is spent as employees carry out everyday business, whether in the UK or internationally. Concur gives you a complete view into this employee spend and the ability to run reports easily.

An ability to easily verify and validate card spend

Credit cards not only remove the need for employees to carry large amounts of cash on foreign visits, but they also ensure that actual spend can be matched against what was reported in the expense claim. Concur imports data generated from personal or corporate cards and matches it to the travel itinerary for verification and validation.

An ability to deploy Concur throughout your whole enterprise

Concur is a Web-based and mobile solution, so your travel and expense policies are quick and easy to deploy throughout your whole organisation. Concur’s multinational capabilities mean that multiple languages, currencies, taxes and per diem rates can be implemented to ensure that all corners of your organisation are being catered for – in a consistent manner.