Hybrid work is the future: How can employers make it a reality?

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The coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis has completely shifted the way we live and work. Businesses have had to quickly adopt new initiatives and technologies to ensure employee safety whilst maintaining productivity. Working from home has become the normality for many of us and adapting to these new ways of working is essential for business continuity.

A recent Boston Consulting Group (BCG) study of 2,000 UK employees revealed that 67% of those working remotely since COVID-19 want to be able to split their time between the physical workplace and home working in the future.

How can leaders balance employee needs and aspirations around how they want to work in the future with broader business objectives?

We speak to Nick South, Managing Director and Partner at the Boston Consulting Group, to understand the questions leaders should be asking themselves now to adapt to the new reality.

In this talk you will learn:

  • How employees want to work in future and what they need to be productive
  • Employee and organisational benefits of working remotely
  • How to sustain remote working using a hybrid  model over the coming months
  • How leading hybrid organisations are using COVID-19 as an opportunity to reimagine the future of work to increase competitive advantage


Duration: 30 Minutes




Nick South, MD & Partner, Boston Consulting Group

Steve Roberts, VP SMB Sales, SAP Concur


(This webinar was recorded on the 26th of October, prior to the UK Government announcement of a second lockdown)

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