Expense claims made easy

SAP Concur clients saved 70% more time on expense claims and saw a five-fold ROI in just three years. - IDC

Expenses – simplified.

When it comes to employee expenses on spreadsheets, it’s a hassle for the claimant and for finance. Watch this quick 2-minute video to see how you can automate the process and ensure claims are accurate, VAT is correctly calculated and human error is eradicated – saving time for both the finance team and employees.  

What's in a free trial?

Free means free, no credit card required. We’ve created a sandbox account for you to take Concur Expense automation software for a spin and see how easy it is to use. Click around to see how it works. Use the sample data provided or easily add your own by snapping a receipt from your phone with our mobile app. Be sure to try it from your computer and mobile device!

Everybody wins with SAP Concur.

Expense claims are captured and categorised as they happen. Employees love saving time and ditching the paperwork. Organisations gain peace of mind with built-in policy enforcement, better accuracy and visibility into spend as it happens.

What about your Invoice, Travel and other services?

SAP Concur has a full array of spend management solutions to help you streamline and automate AP, travel booking and travel management, however this Test Drive is built to give you a demonstration of Concur Expense.

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