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Most people assume HMRC inspectors are only interested in completed expense claims and associated receipts – but they’re not. When the time comes to audit your business, HMRC will be looking at your entire travel and expense (T&E) process from start to finish. The secret to satisfying the taxman is having a full, end-to-end process locked down.

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    VAT and HMRC compliance

    If you’re looking for insights on VAT and HMRC compliance best practice when it comes to employee expenses, look no further. This comprehensive eBook lays out everything you need to know to keep the taxman happy.

    You'll discover:

    • Exactly what the taxman is looking for
    • Tricky VAT rules to watch out for
    • How to reclaim VAT on fuel
    • The deal with International VAT
    • How technology can help with VAT reclaim

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