Concur Invoice

Automate accounts payable and get full visibility into spend.

Businesses get timely insight into how employees are spending money

Finance teams can schedule supplier payments, and more accurately forecast and manage cash flow.


Concur connects businesses to all sources of spend – purchase orders, e-invoices, paper and emailed invoices and supplier networks.


Pre-defined reports, dashboards and key metrics offer a comprehensive view into spending for better cash flow management.


Easy-to-use web-based and mobile applications enable streamlined invoice processing – from authorisation to supplier payment.

Cut data entry and put the time to better use.

Invoice Capture means your staff no longer have to key in Invoice information. This reduces the chance of errors, and means your people can focus on more value-add and interesting work. Select the invoice data capture method that makes the most sense for your business.

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Features of Concur Invoice


Concur Invoice integrates with any enterprise resource planning (ERP) or accounting system.

Customisable workflow

Diverse and dynamic workflow options are available for both invoices and purchase requisitions.


Concur compares invoices to purchase orders and records of received goods and services, saving time and ensuring supplier compliance.

Supplier portal

A secure place for suppliers to track the progress of invoices and payments reduces questions to AP and procurement.


Pre-defined reports and powerful business intelligence tools offer businesses visibility into spending, before it’s spent.