Check In: Pinpoint Where Your Employees Are

Duty of Care

Unexpected events happen all over the world, from volcanic eruptions, to floods, earthquakes and political unrest. When you ask your employees to travel on your behalf you have a duty of care, a legal and moral obligation, to keep them safe while carrying out this important work for you.

Our solution enables you to keep in close contact with your employees while they are travelling, giving you the ability to locate and communicate with them so they get the relevant, important information they need to seek refuge in the case of any emergency.

Know Where You Are with Locate & Alert from Concur

Our Locate & Alert service is essential for knowing where your employees are if an unplanned event, whether at home or abroad, requires action.

Our solution lets you:

  • See where employees are located
  • Open two-way communications via outbound voice calls, text message, emails and Twitter
  • Send them the information they need to help them move to a safer location

Our solution lets your employees:

  • Check-in; to provide their location in real-time
  • Communicate with you quickly and easily if they need assistance
Locate & Alert Brochure

View Your Employees' Locations

Need to get your employees out, fast? If the worst happens, being able to pinpoint your employees' locations is critical to ensuring that you can get them out of there as quickly as possible.

Our solution determines your employees' locations based on their home office location coupled with information provided by their travel booking details or itinerary information shared with TripIt. Their location information is then updated each time they check-in on their mobile device.

This location information is presented on a map so it is quick to identify exactly where your employees are located within a specific mile/kilometre radius.

If your employee's travel is sensitive, then access to this data can be restricted.

Communicate with Your Employees

Need to get them the good news? In emergencies, letting your employees know that help is on its way will be a relief for everyone.

Our solution lets you open effective two-way communications via voice calls, text message, emails and Twitter direct messages to their mobile device or smartphone, so you can get them the information they need, when they need it.

It also gives you the ability to monitor outgoing messages, as well as messages in progress and respond in real-time so you know where to focus your attention; do they need a new flight, do they need somewhere to stay, or do they need directions to the nearest embassy?

Lets Them Communicate with You Too

What's happened? The first time you know that something has happened might be when your employees alert you to a problem. If they find themselves in a situation where they need assistance, having a variety of methods available to contact their home office will help keep everyone calm.

Where are you? The ability to let employees check in and send their latest location on their mobile device or smartphone will mean that the required response will be quicker, and more helpful.

Address Your Duty of Care

Duty of care to employees while they are travelling is high on the agenda of responsible businesses. Many companies have realised that if they expect employees to travel on business, whether to high-risk areas or not, they need to know where their employees are, so that if the worst does happen, action can be taken.

We offer a range of features to help address duty of care, Locate & Alert being one of them.

We also offer:

  • Travel Request - This allows you to control proposed travel to ensure that any travel booked is appropriate for the travel advice issued internally or by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO). You can also check that whomever is travelling has the appropriate training, insurance and jabs required for that country before the travel is approved.
  • Internal Policy controls - This allows you to integrate your travel policy to mandate the use of your preferred supplier; based on their safety record.
  • Business Intelligence - This allows you to build custom reports from the extensive data held on the system. You could see, for example, who is travelling where, how many times a month they are travelling, how many nights they spend away from home each month or what type of transport they use.
  • Incorporate your credit card provider programme - This allows you to ensure that all your travellers going abroad have access to a credit card so they don't have to carry cash. Any spend on this card can be automatically populated into their expense claim.