The Evolution of Expense Management in the UK

Aberdeen Research Study: How organisations structure their expense management programs

For the modern, UK-based organisation, T&E expenses compromise 8% of total annual budgets.

  • How does this compare with your expenditure?
  • How are best-in-class companies dealing with their expenses?
  • How can you use advancements in expenses management technology to enhance lagging processes?

This report will reveal how best-in-class companies make effective use of expense management capabilities, competencies, strategies and solutions.

With the contemporary expense management program revolving around a series of new and next-generation technologies, such as mobile applications and end-to-end technology, it is critical for companies to understand this landscape and enhance existing processes with automation.

Key aspects of the report:

  • The differences between small to medium-sized businesses and enterprise-sized organisations
  • Various pressures and challenges within SMB organisations
  • How organisations currently perform across a series of key performance metrics
  • Technology prowess (traditional and "next-generation")
  • Program capabilities for managing expenses

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