3 Big Benefits of Mobile T&E

Many business travellers use mobile apps to manage trips. This is especially true in the UAE where 47% of travellers use smartphones, and 15% use tablets, to book travel. Ultimately, desktop is in decline. We spoke to Shehab Shoukry, Regional Director for the UAE, about the benefits of mobile travel and expense (T&E) management across the globe…


Before I joined Concur, expenses were a bit of a nightmare. My wallet was packed full of receipts. I would have to keep hold of every single one and manually scan them in before I could even think about starting my expense claim. I was also paranoid about losing them. I didn’t have a corporate credit card, so without the receipt there was no traceability and I wouldn’t be reimbursed.


When I joined Concur, everything changed.


Now I can take photos of receipts, submit expense claims on the move and get reimbursed more quickly. It benefits me as an approver too. I can review, query and approve expenses in the same way. I don’t even need to know the T&E policy inside out because Concur can flag non-compliant spend for me. Better still, any duplicate or suspicious claims are easily identified.


You can do most of this on a computer, but the Concur Mobile app offers three big benefits:


Benefit #1: Productivity

I don’t have to be at my desk to manage T&E. I just take out my phone and in a couple of taps I can get on with my day. As my smartphone is always with me, so is Concur. I once received a Concur notification on my phone telling me my return flight from Mexico had been delayed. If I had been tied to a computer, I might have missed the alert and ended up wasting hours at the airport.


Benefit #2: Flexibility

Business travel is not always predictable. Plans can change, meetings can be moved and priorities can be adjusted. I need travel tools in the palm of my hand to be able to adapt quickly. I can simply open the Concur app and book the flight, hotel or car hire I need to keep my journey moving.   


Benefit #3: Accountability

Unfortunately, the world is not a safe place and businesses are accountable for employee safety. In the event of an emergency, employees can be easily tracked and sent a text via Risk Messaging to check if they’re safe. Businesses are also accountable for their budgets. With Concur Request, managers can review and approve travel budgets, even away from the office, to avoid overspending. 


In my previous role, I was focused on UK businesses and saw these benefits in action. Now, working in the UAE, the same rules apply. No matter who your employees are or where they travel, mobile T&E tools can help. Give them what they need and you can manage T&E spend more effectively.


If your business is based in the UAE, email Shehab to get your Concur questions answered.

For businesses based elsewhere, find out more by visiting the Concur website.



(UAE statistics from Sabre, 2017)





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