4 More FAQs That Your T&E Policy Might Not Answer – Part 2


Following on from the previous post ‘Does Your Expenses Policy Cover Everything – Part 1’, here are four more frequently-asked questions that your travel and expenses policy might not cover. Have a read of these, and feel free to add them to your policy if you think they might apply to your business.



1. What happens if I miss my flight and the ticket is non-changeable? Do I have to pay for a replacement ticket?


It really depends on why you missed your flight. Companies should hopefully say ‘no, you don’t have to pay’, but then you should be able to provide an explanation for why you missed your flight and make every effort to get the money back. It is possible to claim missed flights back from the airline because they can sometimes fill the seat. Travel insurance might also cover the cost of the missed flight. Do your homework before you try to claim the missed flight back from expenses because you won’t be reimbursed twice.


2. If I book in advance, I can get a first class rail ticket for the same price as if I walk up and buy an economy one on the day – is that allowed?


It all depends on your expenses policy. Realistically, while companies love it when people book in advance, most policies won’t let people travel first class. But chat with your line-manager. They may let you off-set the saving with another purchase that is still within policy but wouldn’t normally be part of your travelling routine.


3. At the airport, to drive up and park in short term parking is £25 or more a day. If I book in advance, I can get in the long stay car park for that price for my whole week trip, but it’s less convenient. Where am I allowed to park?


Again, it depends on your policy. Some companies say that you can park in short-term parking if your trip is less than three days, but that you need to go into the long stay car park for anything above that. It’s best to take a look at your company’s policy and discuss with your manager if you have any concerns.


4. What if I want to extend a business trip – for example to spend the weekend away – can I just book a return airline fare and also stay the night at the same hotel at the company rate?


Most companies will allow you to book the return airfare, for example, to stay until the Sunday evening – as long as there is no difference between the fare you would have paid to travel home if you’d left at the end of the business trip. Regarding the hotel, most companies allow their employees to benefit from any negotiated rates they have – not least of which because this gives the company extra nights at that hotel which may enable them to negotiate better rates in the future too.

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What questions do you have that your travel policy doesn’t answer? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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