4 Reasons to Use Apps on Business Travel


A recent blog post ‘Eurostar Turns 20: Innovations Makes Business Travel Easy’ revealed the gap between: the percentage of people (43%) who are dependent on their smartphone when on business travel, and the percentage of people (66%) who don’t use a travel app, to support them on their journey. With such exciting technology at our finger tips via our smartphones, it makes sense to make the most of the business travel apps in the market place. Here’s why…


Travel apps improve the business travel experience: A YouGov survey found that 83% of people who use mobile apps on the road agree it improves the business travel experience. Take TripIt for example; it’s a trip planner that keeps all of your travel plans in one spot. Create a master travel itinerary, and access your itinerary planner online, or on your mobile. Simple – and much easier than juggling tatty pieces of paper or juggling multiple emails with your travel plans on!

Mobile apps can get you over your unproductive moments while on business travel: Another YouGov survey found that 77% of business travellers said that their time is unproductive due to not having the right tools; and nearly one in six business travellers (17%) said more than half their business travel time is unproductive. It doesn’t have to be this way though – take Concur Mobile – it’s an app that enables you to manage your business travel expenses while on the go, and saving you time once back in the office. An Aberdeen Group report found that the average employee clawed back four hours of productivity per month, as a direct result of leveraging mobile travel and expense management applications.

You can get paid your expenses back quicker from your business trip: Research has found that organisations using smartphone apps to manage travel and expense experience 28% faster approval of expense reports and are able to reimburse expenses 40% quicker.  So, the on-line automation of travel and expenses, which can be managed via a mobile app can not only help you to get the money back that you paid out while on business travel, it can also help your company to manage the approval process much more swiftly.

Mobile apps cost your company less, giving you more to grow your customer base with: Companies that use mobile travel and expense management apps report nearly 40% lower expense processing costs, and a 22% higher rate of compliance to corporate travel policies, compared to peers not using this technology.  Travel and expense management mobile apps give companies greater control over their travel budgets and policies, which in turn gives you the freedom to travel more, to grow your customer base. After all, a study by Vanson Bourne found that 86% of sales executives believe that increasing their business travel to meet with potential new customers would allow them to increase their sales.

If you want to learn why apps should play an important part of your travel and expense strategy read: Apps are Your Business Travel Family.

Featured image courtesy of: MattHurst

*Unless stated otherwise, all statistics are from research conducted by Aberdeen Group on behalf of Concur in March 2012.

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