5 Productivity Tips from a Frequent Business Traveller


Anita Marsh, our frequent business traveller - shares some of her stories, and tips, for successful business travel.


I may be a regular business traveller, but I am also a nervous business traveller. This means I never want to arrive at the airport late. You know that horrible feeling when you're still in the security line and they are calling your flight? That's the kind of stuff that gives me palpitations!


This means that I am often at the airport early for flights, so I spend a lot of time waiting. Fortunately, over the years, I've found ways to keep myself busy.


Here are some of my top tips to keep productive while travelling:


  1. Don't depend on network connectivity


    Make sure you've downloaded all your emails and the attachments onto your device before you get to the airport - use the time offline to catch up on them and just send/receive the next time you get to a wifi hotspot.

  2. Back-up your back-ups


    Carry your back-up/archive storage - back up your important data while you wait around.

  3. Listen and learn


    Download some business podcasts or videos - use the time to listen and learn - I love manager tools, TED Talks, BBC Business Daily and also iPad editions of newspapers - such as The Times.

  4. Catch up on phone calls


    You know the people you always mean to call back, or the vendors who are trying to tell you about their new service - use this time to find out what is new.

  5. Read a book


    Nowadays I am too busy to regularly read books - I just about keep up with Twitter (you can follow me @anitamarsh). But while I'm travelling, I get some uninterrupted time to read.Reading a book is a good way of being productive while travelling


What else could I do? I would love other tips! Share them below.

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