A Focus on Building Business Resilience in Collaboration with Telegraph Spark

The way we do business is changing. Successfully navigating the shifts will depend on harnessing all the technology at your disposal to build the resilience of your business. It’s why we’ve partnered with the Telegraph Spark to bring together information that offers advice on how the right investments and innovative thinking can help your business to stabilise and move forward.

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To bring together the important debates of the moment, the Telegraph Spark hosted a webinar on 15 July, where panellists from finance and business discussed the impact of the current economic and social environment on the future of business. 


The webinar looks at how technology has suddenly become more integral to business productivity and survival than ever before. It is helping the majority of employees work from home and stay connected. It is also enabling many companies to transform their offerings to adapt to the new limitations posed by lockdown. The panel, hosted by Heather Farmbrough, financial journalist and featuring guests from SAP Concur and a thriving SMB, covered questions such as:

  • Will this shift permanently change how businesses are run?
  • What will the legacy of this global pandemic be?
  • How can businesses start to stabilise and recover from it?

Elsewhere on the hub, you’ll find content that focuses on three areas: practical tips for business resilience, inspiring transformation stories and quizzes to help you assess how your company is adapting to change.

Practical Tips for Business Resilience

If you’re looking for practical ways you can use technology to build business resilience, these articles will help.

Inspiring Transformation Stories

It’s easy to understand the value of finance automation in theory. But what about in practice? These case studies show how companies have transformed their business processes for the better using a range of technology including finance technology provided by the SAP Concur platform.

Assess How Your Company is Adapting to Change

If you’re keen to build resilience and embrace change, it’s helpful to know where you are at the moment. These two quizzes will help you find out.


Supporting SMBs

As the world changes, we’re here to support you to manage cash flow, control costs and ensure business continuity. The Telegraph Spark hub is just the start. If you’d like to find out more, contact us today.

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