Aberdeen Group Infographic: The benefits of T&E technology

Every day we are bombarded with new statistics, new research and new guidelines on how to improve our business processes. Sometimes, it can be difficult to sift through the white noise to find actionable insights.

At Concur, we wanted to make things easy by offering the best of both worlds.

We recently partnered with analysts from the Aberdeen Group to explore the benefits of embracing the latest and greatest travel and expense (T&E) technology. Of course, they uncovered a number of headline statistics. Compared to T&E Followers, Leaders are…

But those brave enough to explore these claims in more detail can make more informed decisions and reap giant rewards. For example, investing in a comprehensive T&E solution can:

  • Help you demonstrate larger ROI for your T&E programmes
  • Ensure more expense claims are within company budgets
  • Increase compliance to your company’s T&E policy
  • Provide access to reliable data to support negotiations with suppliers
  • Speed up approvals without compromising on compliance

Every business is different so we can’t guarantee that everyone will see the same results. But, we can guarantee that we have something to offer your business. Travel and expense costs are likely to be your company’s second biggest spend after payroll – isn’t it time to take control and find a solution that benefits you, your employees and your business?

Want to discover other benefits of an integrated T&E solution?

Download the Travel & Expense Management: Are you a Leader or a Follower? infographic

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