An Experience Like No Other. How Concur Audit Can Save You Time and Resource

Ever wondered how long it takes to check an expense claim fully? This was a question put to the delegates who attended our audit event last year.

On Thursday 10 October 2019, we invited customers and prospects to join us for a morning of discussion and learning about all things audit. The venue was the Experience Centre at SAP HQ, this unique space allowed us to host delegates in an engaging and immersive setting. The interactive environment allows participants to really become involved in the presentation and this session was no different. Moving through three separate rooms, the day started off in The Hub with a welcome from Paul Mooney, SAP Concur VP Client Engagement EMEA, introductions from everyone in the room and an overview of what to expect from the day.

Moving to The Innovation Lab allowed the delegates to really understand the power of the audit service, kicking off with an interactive whiteboard session where they had to answer a series of questions to drill down into how they audit their expenses (if they do) and what could be done differently. The questions included; is your audit checked pre or post payment, what volume do you check and what are your current challenges? The answers allowed Matt Kemp, Solutions Consulting Manager who previously used SAP Concur before joining the company to speak directly to each delegate about their issues and discuss with the wider group.

This session concluded with a practical element allowing everyone to get involved, the delegates were split into teams and asked to review three separate expense claims. The request seemed simple, do you agree with everything on the claim, circle what would you check, and would you recover the VAT on it? In answer to my opening question, how long does it take to check an expense claim? In this example the attendees took 13 minutes to look at just one claim and decide if it was correct or not. This demonstrated to the room how long it could potentially take to check 100% of expense claims, what could be missed and why it is important to have a robust system in place.

The final session took place in The Future Room and provided an overview of our Audit Service, complete with a live demo of the system. Did you know that 1.4 million expenses are audited monthly by the SAP Concur team? The delegates were shown how the system can be configurated for them, what levels of services are available and how the team operate to meet their audit requirements. SAP Concur has 7 global audit service centres, 900 auditors all fully trained and certified to the type of service they will deliver. The delegates were able to understand how flexible the system is and how it supports their wider company strategy and can change behaviours.  

The experience concluded with a networking lunch and some great feedback of how enjoyable the session was to those who attended.

Read our brochure for more information on how Concur Audit can help your company review expenses, identify issues and stay compliant.

If you would like to attend one of our unique events at the Experience Centre in 2020, please register your interest by emailing and we will secure your space with priority once details are released.

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