Asking the Experts About… Expense Configuration Best Practice

Concur Expense helps you drive value from your expense management processes. But what does best practice look like? And how do you maximise the value it delivers?

Our Ask an Expert Webinar: Concur Expense Configuration Best Practice, is here to help. One of a series of four webinars on SAP Concur solutions, it is 30 minutes of insights featuring expense solution and topic experts discussing how to get set up for success. And when you sign up you get a quick reference information guide that summarises the content of the webinar to refer to afterwards.

Ask an Expert Webinar: Concur Expense Configuration Best Practice

A 30-minute best practice and Q&A session featuring solution and topic experts



Here’s a taste of what you can get from the session.

Thinking Strategically to Future-Proof Your Expense Set-up

Bringing Concur Expense on stream is a useful opportunity to review your expense processes and assess where improvements could or should be made.

As Sarah Souter, Financial Controller at SAP Concur customer HORIBA UK, says: “The system is very stretchy and bendy, and can deal with lots and lots of things, but it’s much easier if you know all your variations before you start.”

At a strategic level, it’s best practice to have a single organisational structure that supports single/multi country deployment, uses a single method to organise cost objects, has a global approval workflow, and uses a single set of expense types with exceptions to support in-country legislation.

This is all key, even if you only operate in a single country at the moment. Because as Runjit Bhopal, Finance Director at SAP Concur customer Landbay, says: “Think about where your business will be in five to seven years’ time and build your technology with that in mind.”

Harnessing the Capabilities of Expense

One of the most powerful benefits of Concur Expense is the way it streamlines the expense process and makes it more efficient. For example, finance teams save an average of 122 hours a week when their business uses SAP Concur travel and expense solutions.

Concur Expense benefits users across the business too. John Buckley, Finance Director at SAP Concur customer Sauter Automation, says: “The submission of expenses has become much less painful. The managers don’t have to be in one place, or where their ‘in-tray’ is. Wherever they are, their expenses are.”

There are numerous ways to drive even more efficiencies in the system. One way is to make full use of templated and automated email reminders and audit rules to drive compliance and best practice. For example, by using audit rules so that users have to upload required receipts before they can submit a claim, you save time in chasing up a receipt afterwards.

Embracing the SAP Concur Ecosystem to Drive Further Value

Concur Expense is one part of the SAP Concur ecosystem. It means you can extend your spend management capabilities while still working with a single supplier.

For example, you can automate mileage capture using Concur Drive. It’s a solution that enhances the employee experience and minimises the risk of mileage fraud.

The ExpenseIt mobile receipt scanner automatically populates the vendor field, making it easier to reliably capture the information you need to negotiate supplier discounts.

Intelligent Audit helps you audit up to 100% of expense claims without tying up internal resource.

And Intelligence and Consultative Intelligence help you maximise the value of the data that Concur Expense gives you.

Getting More from Your SAP Concur Solutions

To hear best practice tips and tricks, get answers to some of the most frequently asked questions, and learn how to solve the most common issues users experience, register now for the Ask an Expert Webinar: Concur Expense Configuration Best Practice.





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