Bringing Control, Visibility and Peace of Mind to New Ways of Working

As your business adapts to a new normal,  your employees need reassurance that your business can support an evolving way of working with flexible, mobile and easy-to-use tools – tools that provide a solution to get them where they need to go safely while providing you with valuable business insight.

Three SAP Concur tools, Concur Locate, Concur Request and Consultative Intelligence, are the perfect partners to support your organisation in navigating this new landscape with greater care and increased confidence.

We discussed the requirements of the new normal and how these tools help in a recent webinar hosted by Matthew Kemp, Solution Consulting Director at SAP Concur. Request, Approve, Report: Bringing Control, Visibility and Peace of Mind to New Ways of Working, which is available on-demand now.

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The webinar looked at the challenges organisations face at the moment and the way SAP Concur solutions can help address them. It also included a demo of these solutions to show them in action.

Enhancing Duty of Care

Your duty of care towards your employees has never been more important. At the same time, it has never been more difficult with a newly remote workforce.

SAP Concur solutions give you a single mobile solution that means you can:

  • Request, approve, and report on employee visits to your offices or other locations
  • Monitor where your employees with up-to-date location data
  • Run reports that enable accurate office capacity and usage planning
  • Keep employees safe and fulfil your duty of care obligations through two-way communication via voice, email, SMS or the SAP Concur mobile app wherever they are on the planet
  • Provide employees with up-to-date information and alerts based on their location

Gaining Control and Visibility of Costs with Concur Request

Controlling costs is always business-critical, especially so at the moment. It’s becoming more complex too, with employees purchasing items that aren’t yet covered in any policy but are needed to facilitate remote working. The solution is to have visibility and control of spend before it happens and to be able to use data to accurately forecast future spend.

SAP Concur solutions help you:

  • Allow employees to request to purchase items such as home office equipment to support remote working
  • Keep control on business spend before it happens by viewing information on purchases before deciding whether to approve them
  • Unify and streamline approvals for all travel and non-travel requests and costs
  • Run reports to analyse employee spend and spot opportunities to save

Actioning Insights and Simplifying Spend Management

Your finance data holds the key to the resilience, flexibility and insight that the new landscape requires, so being able to access and interrogate this data efficiently is essential if you want to react in a timely, proactive manner and be able to budget accurately.

SAP Concur solutions give you the tools to maximise the value of your spend data so you can:

  • Make proactive changes faster to minimise risk and unnecessary spend
  • Run reports to analyse spend and uncover tangible savings
  • Unlock powerful insights through custom reports and dashboards that enable you to make informed decisions
  • Access expert help and best practice reporting strategies

SAP Concur Solutions By Your Side

With SAP Concur solutions you have tools that fit together seamlessly to provide your business with the intelligence it needs. In other words, you simplify operating in the new normal.

To learn more, watch the on-demand webinar Request, Approve, Report: Bringing Control, Visibility and Peace of Mind to New Ways of Working

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