Business Travel Direct and Concur pioneer technology to reduce unmanaged travel

Maidenhead, United Kingdom, February 24, 2016 – Business Travel Direct has partnered with Concur to pioneer technology solutions to help corporates tackle the perennial problem of travellers booking outside mandated travel policy.  As part of the TMC’s desire to tackle this issue, it has invested in Concur’s Compleat and TripLink products, which work together to track bookings not made through the TMC - trips that were previously unmanaged.

Business Travel Direct is the first TMC in the EMEA region to adopt and implement both Compleat and TripLink, and can now take an innovative and proactive approach to unmanaged travel.

Julie Oliver, managing director of Business Travel Direct, comments: “Despite years of effort by both corporates and TMCs to encourage travellers to comply with mandated travel booking policy, unknown trips and spend continue to be major issues for clients. Our priority is to capture data from unmanaged travel to ensure better traveller safety. This is extremely important to us and our customers, as whilst we can’t stop travellers booking direct with suppliers, we want them to be safe and have support when they go.”

Concur Compleat is an innovative, fully customisable, and intelligent mid-office tool, with the ability to reach out to secure external databases, and tools such as TripLink, and Concur Messaging, employee risk management and communication platform that allows TMCs to fulfil their duty of care.

Chris Baker, MD UKI, Nordics & MEA at Concur says: “Our research shows that more than half of hotel stays and one in five flights are booked outside of policy. This can cause havoc for firms looking to balance the books without full visibility of where company money is being spent.

“By partnering with Business Travel Direct we’re offering its customers a holistic view of their travel spend – whether it’s booked within policy or not – meaning they can negotiate better rates while getting back the time lost to long-winded auditing and expenses processes.”

Oliver continues, “We are sure that this data will also result in cost savings for corporates.  A common response we receive from travellers, who choose to book outside mandated policy, is that they are saving the company money by booking a cheaper rate.  Our ambition is to use the data that TripLink and Compleat gives us, to benchmark what has been booked against negotiated rates.  By citing actual figures we hope to be able to win the hearts and minds of these travellers and bring them back into the managed programme.”

“With Compleat and TripLink, we now have a solution that pushes the boundaries of managed travel, and provides positive benefits for everyone with more control over spend, improved itinerary visibility, and enhanced quality control.    We are very excited to offer our customers this new innovation.” 

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