Concur Risk Messaging Solution Enabling Companies to Better Protect Employees

Two thirds of employees who travel for business lack confidence in their employers providing immediate support in the case of a disaster

LONDON, 25 2015– Concur, the leading provider of spend management solutions and services, today announced its Risk Messaging solution which enables companies to proactively identify and mitigate the risks to their employees when travelling for business and to respond to incidents that may impact their health safety or security. Concur’s Risk Messaging solution provides a holistic view of employees locations, regardless of whether they are travelling or not, and integrates independent, real-time risk assessments into an easy-to-use single-view platform.  This means that employers can provide employees with immediate alerts about incidents within their vicinity along with advice on how to stay safe.

In the case of an incident such as a travel disruption, terrorism, criminality or severe weather that may impact an employee, the Risk Messaging platform will alert the company about what has happened and who could be affected by it.  Additionally the platform provides the employer with an interactive heat map displaying the locations of the employees and delivers real-time messages with vital safety information directly to the employee.

Research indicates that more needs to be done by businesses to ensure their employees have the necessary risk information at hand and feel safe during a business trip. A recent study, conducted by YouGov and commissioned by Concur, found that only a third of business travellers feel confident their employers would provide them with immediate support if they were in a difficult situation. The functionality provided by Concur’s Risk Messaging solution will help to increase employee confidence when traveling for business and equip employers with the tools to act quickly, especially if staff need to be evacuated in the case of an emergency situation.

The research findings also indicate that employees would appreciate more guidance and support from employers in the preparation phase of a business trip in order to feel well-equipped and safe ahead of departure. Almost half (44 per cent) of business travellers surveyed do not feel they received enough information or warning from employers about potential risks they might encounter when planning their last business trip.

Of these respondents, 91 percent feel this information would be most useful when booking hotels, flights and trains. By using an automated system, companies can easily share travel and safety information with employees from the moment the booking is made right through to the end of the trip including tips on where employees should stay, visit and places to be wary of.

Jon Richardson, Risk Messaging Specialist, Concur, EMEA says “Employees’ safety should not come at the risk of companies protecting their bottom line. In today’s world where geographical lines for business travel are constantly expanding and the state of the environment and economies are constantly influx, and sometimes volatile, it is crucial that companies do more than the minimum of what is required, from a legal standpoint, to protect their staff.”

Through automation, companies can better protect their employees and mitigate any risk around business travel, whilst keeping costs down. In addition to a company’s responsibility to do more to increase employees’ safety and confidence whilst on the road, it is key for businesses to educate their staff on resources available. With just 38 per cent of employees surveyed knowing where to go for information about potential risks, companies need to inform their staff and make it easy for them to find the necessary information on company travel policies, safety updates before they leave for their business trip.

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