Concur + VATBox: A Win-Win Combination

VATBox fully automates your Foreign VAT recovery and ensures governance through one, centralised VAT process across all business entities. Combined with Concur’s Travel & Expense Management Solutions, the partnership will maximize VAT recovery – domestic deductions as well as foreign returns – and ensure visibility and compliance.

Many organisations already have a VAT recovery process for travel and expenses, however, in today’s belt-tightening climate, financial decision-makers are asking tough questions about their VAT recovery efforts. Get the visibility and answers you need to understand spend and potential savings, answer questions such as:

  • How much VAT did I pay last year? How much was reclaimed and refunded to me?
  • Is there a gap between what I actually recovered, and what I could have recovered?
  • Are all my VAT-eligible travel expenses, of all types, being effectively submitted? Did I leave any money on the table?
  • Is the high overhead of manual expense aggregation and validation worthwhile?
  • Do I have real visibility? If not, how can I be truly compliant?

VAT is a highly complex market, and rules and regulations are constantly changing. VATBox enforces a single, global process across all entities, using automation and built in domain expertise to improve compliance and significantly increase returns. This advanced technology seamlessly integrates with Concur to leverage organisation’s existing data and streamline VAT reporting without raising data aggregation and qualification overhead.

Together with Concur, VATBox enables maximum domestic VAT deductions, as well as foreign returns, and significantly enhances data visibility, and governance. VATBox for Concur makes it possible to:

  • Automatically recover a significant percentage of your travel and expense spend without any extra effort on your part
  • Gain complete visibility and governance of your transaction data, tightening travel and expense control
  • Gain insights into other potentially-refundable VAT sources
  • Maximize your VAT recovery, thereby increasing your bottom-line
  • Leverage fully automated VAT expertise and knowledge built into the system

To learn more about VATBox, visit our app listing in the Concur App Center.


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