Disaster Recovery: Getting to Your Data When You're Knee-Deep in Water

When disaster strikes, the last thing you want to worry about is your company's data. Disaster recovery is key to peace of mind.

Disasters happen

During hurricane Sandy a number of hosted sites found themselves unable to deliver their services either through utility issues (power outages or loss of internet connectivity), or because staff were unable to physically reach the datacentre, to verify systems and bring them back online.

Best practice design

In an emergency, major airports can be shut down for days and getting from one part of town to another can be a challenge. Best practice states that companies should have a primary, secondary and disaster recovery site - preferably in different countries, or even continents, but not all organisations can afford to invest and maintain such a costly and complex infrastructure.

Concur has invested in a primary European datacentre in France, with a disaster recovery site in the Netherlands. The highly secure units and fully virtualised facilities are easily reached by road, rail and air, and are accessible by Concur personnel from other operations in Paris, Prague, London and beyond.

Trusted infrastructure

Concur goes beyond cloud computing best practice, to take care of customer data and ensure business continuity. The European datacentre and disaster recovery facilities are managed by trusted providers who have an exceptional security track record. The sites allow for environmentally friendly data hosting and are incredibly robust with consistent power, off-site backups and tier 4 data availability.

Peace of mind

Concur EMEA General Manager, Isabel Montesdeoca says "We've invested significant resources into the new datacentre infrsatructure, specifically to meet the needs of our European customers. Our aim is to provide every European business, regardless of size, access to state-of-the-art local facilities and peace of mind that their data is secure".


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