Festive Game Gives the Busiest Expense Week of the Year a Bit of Sparkle

As everyone else starts to look forward to Christmas, finance teams up and down the country are bracing themselves for the third Monday in December. As the 16th will mark the start to the busiest expense week of the year.


Figures from SAP Concur suggest finance teams typically see a rise of between 60 per cent and 75 per cent in the number of expense claims over normal weekday averages in the week before Christmas.


It’s a sudden and dramatic increase in workload – just as everyone wants to start winding down.


To give finance teams a bit of light relief, SAP Concur has launched Festive Finances. It’s an arcade-style game that sees players helping Business Santa successfully navigate a busy city, bustling with typical business expenses, during the busiest expense week of the year.


The object of the game is to guide Business Santa’s sleigh around as many obstacles as you can, collecting points and SAP Concur tokens along the way. The points go towards a leaderboard and the tokens buy you extra time to play. The further you travel, the closer together the obstacles are and the faster the sleigh travels – hitting a building slows Business Santa down.


The game is not just a fun distraction from the expense process. As it’s Christmas, Business Santa has some presents to be won. Until 31st December 2019, every player who submits their details after playing the game will be entered into a prize draw. First prize is a Fitbit Versa 2 Health & Fitness Smartwatch. Second prize in an Amazon Echo and third prize is an Amazon Fire 7. Full terms and conditions apply.


Automation Isn’t Just for Christmas


Festive Finances lets the finance team take a bit of a break from the annual headache of pre-Christmas expense processing.


The message it sends, however, lasts long after the tinsel is packed away. Finance automation tools, such as those offered by SAP Concur, help businesses save time and money by streamlining finance processes all year-round.


Expense automation is the gift that keeps on giving. Research shows finance teams that use automated travel and expense solutions see a 15% reduction in the time spent processing expense reports. This equates to a £15 saving for every expense report.


It’s the same story in invoice. Finance teams that use an automated invoice process see a 16% reduction or an average of £8 per invoice.


One SAP Concur user said: “As we continued to grow, the system just absorbed new employees. The accounting team has remained stable as the company has grown over the last three years.”


The moral of the story? Don’t get snowed under next holiday season, or any season.


Play the Festive Finance game now and be in with a chance to win a top prize.

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