Gaining Greater Visibility into your Business Travel Programme’s Emissions with SAP Concur & Thrust Carbon

Article from Ami Taylor, Senior Director Product Strategy EMEA, SAP Concur


Sustainability is becoming increasingly important to every organisation, no matter the size, with employees, investors and customers expecting it to be taken seriously. With the world reopening and business travel restarting, organisations need to be able to understand where their emissions are coming from and take active steps to optimise their business travel programmes, making them as efficient as possible.


Today, SAP Concur has added Thrust Carbon to our App Center. This means that all of our customers globally will be able to connect their Concur Travel and Expense solutions to Thrust Carbon. Thrust Carbon offers a carbon calculator (Thrust Calculator) that can intelligently calculate emissions from spend and itinerary data, giving them full visibility into the carbon emissions of their travel programmes. This means any travel manager can easily set carbon budgets in line with company-specific goals, such as a 30% reduction of emissions by 2030, and then view and assess their live travel emissions against these targets.


By integrating Thrust Carbon and Concur Travel or Expense you can:

  • Save time with a direct data feed from SAP Concur solutions, saying goodbye to manual processes.
  • Analyse every travel emission, including: flights, hotels, car hire, taxis, trains, ferries, coach journeys and mileage from personal cars.
  • Explore historical emissions in depth: understand the business units that emit, and how they emit.
  • Be proactive instead of reactive, with visibility into your future emissions.
  • Share your analysis and strategy with beautiful impact reports.


There is more pressure than ever from customers, stakeholders, and senior managers to deliver sustainability solutions. Thrust Carbon enables effortless reporting of your global travel programme. This increased visibility will also enable organisations of all types and sizes to ensure their travel programmes are as sustainable as possible.


At SAP Concur, we are committed to helping our customers adapt to the new world, with tools that enable them to reinvent and transform their organisation.


Thrust Carbon is now available in the SAP Concur App Center:


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