How Mobile Technology is Changing the World of Business Travel

In our rapidly-changing, increasingly connected world the mobile/tablet device is king. Here's how recent research on the use of mobile technology by business travellers illustrates how smartphones and tablets are wearing the crown.

What do we take with when we travel?

Years ago when travellers left the house for a business trip they had to take a whole pile of papers with them - tickets, itineraries, maps - you name it. Today the only essentials are a mobile phone and a passport.

Information at our fingertips (literally)

Innovation is enabling simpler, more efficient travel. It's easy to be a connected, almost constantly in-touch with friends and colleagues via our mobile devices, be they smartphones or tablets, and in touch with work. Increasingly these powerful technology platforms are combined with access to large amounts of data via the Cloud. Our mobile device has become a desktop replacement with an increasing plethora of productivity applications, social apps, entertainment, news and information. With information available at our fingertips we are no longer chained to our desks, or to our PCs.

The era of the super-efficient employee

We are living in the era of the super-efficient employee. Mobile devices and tablets allow us to make the most of 'dead-time' while travelling through a plethora of apps and business travel tools.

But is technology helping business travellers?

A recent YouGov survey said that yes, it is. According to the online research, technology (like smartphones, apps and laptops) have simplified and sped up the travel experience, and have given business travellers more peace of mind while on the road. In fact 83% of those using mobile apps on the road say it has improved their business travel experience.

Tools are only useful if you have them, and use them

Nevertheless, the best tools in the world are only valuable as long as people are using them. According to the survey's executive summary, over three quarters of respondents (77%) said that they have unproductive moments due to not having the right tools. More than a third (39%) of those business travellers who are on the road most regularly are not using apps at all!

Considering that 18% of business travellers said one of their biggest pain points was the stack of receipts and expense reports that would have to be completed on their return, it is surprising that more people are not using applications (apps) like TripIt and Concur, the leading provider of Travel & Expense management solutions, which enable the business traveller to track flights, get alerts, check-in and share travel information with colleagues and friends online at the tap of a finger.

Curious about this research?

There's much more to know… The research is available to download in two parts:

Part 1: Unproductive Moments and Decreased Job Satisfaction

Part 2: Making Effective Use of Mobile Technology

Each part (as linked to above) is associated with a press release, executive summary and infographic. Read them, or add your comment below.

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