How TMCs can use messaging to find, communicate with and support travelers


In today’s global and digital environment, business travel is still not without its headaches. In a world of computer systems failures, weather events, and other serious risk threats, traveler whereabouts can sometimes be downright unpredictable. For that reason many TMCs and companies are turning to tools like Concur Messaging systems that help quickly communicate with their clients, wherever they are – assuring that no matter what life throws at them, travelers can still have a Perfect Trip.



Adelman Travel



Adelman Travel, one of this year’s TMC innovation award winners, sat down with Concur last spring to talk about how they have used Concur Messaging solutions to serve their clients. For Ivan Imana, Chief Information Officer at Adelman, Concur helps put service at the forefront of their TMC offerings. “The value our clients receive from Risk Messaging is they know that they have a baseline duty of care by being a client of Adelman Travel. If their employees are in immediate danger, we’re going to know where their employees are and communicate to them real time and, also, to the client,” says Imana, “Ultimately, we’re able to deliver this level of service by leveraging Concur’s Risk Messaging solution.”



How does it work?


Concur Messaging notifies TMCs when an event occurs that impacts a traveler’s trip – from flight cancellations to other travel disruptions – and helps agents locate and communicate quickly. An interactive map makes it easy to search, find and communicate with affected travelers – all from the same tool.  TMC Messaging integrates with third parties to expand TMC capabilities and provide automated, two-way communications to travelers during disruptions.  The platform helps you be more proactive, lets you make corrections early and build a unique service model to support travelers.

Whether you’re a TMC or an in-house travel manager, Concur Messaging solutions can help you find, communicate with and support travelers and employees in the field.

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