How to Conquer Compliance with Concur

Businesses want their travel and expense (T&E) process to be compliant with everything from internal policies to external regulations. Although compliance can be challenging, when you break it down into smaller chunks it becomes more manageable.


At Concur, we help our customers conquer compliance in a number of ways…


Duty of Care

Unfortunately, business travel brings with it a number of risks as well as opportunities. Fortunately, using Concur Risk Messaging, businesses can contact their travellers and make sure they are safe wherever and whenever needed. Combined with services from Healix and HX Global, travellers can be monitored 24/7 and assisted more quickly in a crisis. As a result, duty of care requirements are more easily met.


Policy Compliance

Businesses create T&E policies for a reason. But let’s face it, employees don’t always comply. Worse still, 55% of employees don’t know what the policy contains or that it even exists. Without a robust audit process, how can you spot the main offenders? Concur Audit can review expense claims in an unbiased way so businesses can educate employees and amend policies where necessary. 


HMRC Regulations

Every business must comply with HMRC regulations concerning T&E management. When conducting an audit, HMRC will consider a number of areas:


  • Does the business have a clear and enforced T&E policy?
  • Is the approval process appropriate?
  • Are claims supported by relevant documentation?
  • Are claims carefully reviewed and controlled?
  • Is the correct amount of VAT being reclaimed?
  • Are payments made securely and efficiently?


When dealing with HMRC regulations, it’s better to be proactive than reactive. Using Business Intelligence, Concur customers can easily produce reports which offer an overview of spending and identifies areas for improvement before HMRC pays a visit.


Ultimately, when you conquer compliance with Concur your life becomes a whole lot easier.



If you’re worried about compliance, call us on 01628 645100 to find out how Concur can help.


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