How to Keep your Business Finances Healthier

When it comes to discipline: financially, or personally, it’s hard to make difficult decisions, especially if they require people to change their behaviour. It's like going on a diet, a detox or starting a new exercise regime. We all do it at the beginning of a New Year. But it doesn’t often last beyond January or February, unless you’re diligent and dedicated. But some people/companies manage to get it right. What's their secret?

How do dedicated people stick to resolutions?

The answer lies in having a plan and a vision about what success looks like. It's about putting the effort in, because of the long-term benefits. If we can fix in our mind how fabulous we’ll look with that slimmer body or the healthier bank balance, it makes it much easier to put the changes in place.

The same goes for changing business behaviour

At the beginning of April, most businesses can start afresh with a new financial year. This is the perfect opportunity to get themselves in better financial health. It can be as simple as creating a budget based on last year’s expenses. Or you could be even more forward-looking, and start thinking about building a better, healthier finance body – for now, and for the future.

Building a healthy finance body isn’t hard

It doesn’t have to be difficult to see what shape your expenses are in. It’s actually quite easy to automate the process of claiming, reimbursing and reporting on business expenses. And the results are worth working for. It's about putting simple steps in place to make finances effortless. The answer lies in automation.

With an automated system you can:

  • stop dealing with paper receipts (take a photo from your mobile phone and upload them to your expense claim instead)
  • stop answering millions of requests from employees about when they’ll be paid (they can see when each stage of the approval and payment process takes place)
  • stop using complicated spreadsheets (let the system code and calculate all the expenses costs for you).

So put a plan in place, and stick to it

Forward-looking businesses are not just about the 'now'. They're about doing things that not only deliver immediate results, but build the basis for a better future. Find out more about why spending a bit of money now can save you a lot more money later. Download the white paper: ‘You’ve already cut costs. Now what?

It could provide some (calorie-free) ‘food’ for thought.

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