Introducing the Concur UK Blog

Welcome to the inaugural blog post from Concur in the UK - otherwise known as the rainy rock across the channel from Europe. The Concur UK blog is written to help point readers towards interesting, relevant content that we hope will add value to your life. Here's a heads-up about the kind of content that these blogs will cover: the posts will be related in some way to travel and expenses, or issues that affect businesses and individuals who travel or submit expenses. Why? Because Concur is a company that provides travel and expense management solutions to help people save time, save money, and improve the business travelling experience.


Who should be reading this blog?















  • Business Travellers
  • Finance / Expense Managers
  • Travel Managers
  • Small business owners
  • Anyone who submits travel or expense claims



Why should you read it?


Apart from the interesting insights we will share from a range of writers we will also be commenting on, and pointing you towards, other Concur-related content that we think is helpful or relevant and that will help you manage travel and expenses. Some of the stuff we will share will be:

Interesting content










  • Thought-provoking opinions
  • Helpful pointers, tips and tricks
  • Links to things we think you’ll find interesting



The kinds of subjects we’ll cover will be:


Expenses - things like expense reports, management, accounts, reporting, software, reimbursement, policies, receipts and more... For example, we publish an annual benchmark report. This year it analyses 10.25 million individual expense claims. You can download the report, or read about it on the blog.

Business travel - things like business travel expenses , reimbursement, management, software, tools and reporting... Did you know that we conducted research with YouGov about the Trouble with Travel? The results show that using apps makes travel easier. You can read all about that on our blog too.

We will also share tips about making business travel easier. In fact, we even have a Facebook page just for business travellers! Like us to get regular tips and tricks, or just come back to the blog regularly.

Travel management - things like travel policy, corporate travel management, mobile, travel booking and travel-related booking tools. We know that travel planning is a challenge. We will feature blogs about subjects like duty of care, ancillary fees, and the changing role of the travel manager.

Come back again soon! Boomark this page as we'll be updating the blog with new content regularly.

Would you like to be a contributor? Or do you have a topic you'd like us to blog about? We would love to hear from you. Put your comments in below...

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