Introducing the SAP Concur Conversations Podcast

If you’ve found yourself listening to more podcasts in recent months, you aren’t alone. Industry analyst WARC reports record listening figures for podcasts, with a particular spike in listening during working hours.

The growing appeal means now is the perfect time to launch the SAP Concur Conversations podcast series.

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The seven podcasts in the series feature topical insights from SAP Concur experts. They cover everything from gaining insights from your data to how the travel industry is changing. They’re between 10 and 35 minutes long, so you get actionable tips, best practice advice and insider knowledge that is quick to access and perfect for catching up with any time.

Here are all the details you need:

Podcast 1: Making the Most of Your SAP Concur Data

Join SAP Concur Value Engineer Matthew Ditch and Senior Client Sales Executive Daniel Phillips in this episode to hear how data can be the most powerful asset in your business. They take you through all information you can get from your SAP Concur solution and discuss how to use that data to inform decision-making and help you achieve your strategic goals.

Listen Now - Making the Most of Your SAP Concur Data

Podcast 2: The Power of Concur Audit

In this episode, Nkolika Chikwendu, part of the Growth and Strategy Team, and Emily Gosling, Audit Consultant, talk about Concur Audit. They discuss how businesses have used the solution to change business process and operate more effectively in the current climate. They also share some of the stranger audit checks they have received.

Listen Now - The Power of Concur Audit

Podcast 3: Think You Know SAP Concur? …Think Again – Part 1

If you think SAP Concur is just an expense management solution, think again. This episode is the first of two conversations with Antony Elliott, Senior Director of Strategic Accounts EMEA. In this first part, he discusses the origins of the SAP Concur platform, our product portfolio, how the business has evolved to meet changing customer needs, what we offer that makes us different and why we’re so much more than just an expense management platform.

Listen Now - Think You Know SAP Concur? Part 1

Podcast 4: Think You Know SAP Concur? …Think Again – Part 2

In part 2 of our conversation with Antony Elliott, Senior Director of Strategic Accounts EMEA, we take a closer look at travel. Antony explains what makes SAP Concur more than just a travel booking tool, why it is beneficial to book travel through SAP Concur rather than going direct and what the SAP Concur platform offers that no one else does. We also delve into the partner ecosystem and finish the episode with some fun facts.

Listen Now - Think You Know SAP Concur? Part 2

Podcast 5: Navigating the New Normal

In this episode, Antony Elliott, Senior Director Strategic Accounts EMEA, shares his opinion on what businesses should consider in light of COVID-19 and how they can adapt their operations to navigate change.

Listen Now - Navigating the New Normal 

Podcast 6: The Power of the Partner

This episode takes a deep dive into our partner ecosystem with Kirk Hayes, Director, Platform and Product Partnerships Marketing, and Mark Woodhouse, Director, EMEA Platform and Product Partnerships. They showcase the diverse range of partners we work with, from travel to tax, sustainability to traveller safety and discuss the value they add to your SAP Concur solutions.

Listen Now - The Power of the Partner 

Podcast 7: The Future of Business Travel

In this episode SAP Concur’s Darryl McGarvey, Director of Travel Partnerships, and Julie Oliver from corporate travel management company Reed & Mackay discuss the challenges facing business travel, how they see it changing and the green shoots they are seeing. Julie also talks about how Reed & Mackay has adapted its business to help and support its customers.

Listen Now - The Future of Business Travel

All of the podcasts are available on the following streaming services; Apple Podcast, Spotify, Acast and Amazon Music, just search SAP Concur Conversations to find them. We will be adding new content in future so make sure you subcribe to get the notification when a new episode becomes available. 

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