Managing travellers’ safety in today's world


When the chips are down, your employees need to know that you care about getting them home safely.


Between natural disasters, terrorist attacks, and other events like the Italian rail crash recently, duty of care has come to the forefront for many businesses. When it comes to businesses providing for their employees’ safety, health, and well-being, it’s vital to have a tool that helps you find traveling employees quickly and communicate with them effectively.


Our Risk Messaging platform lets us find any traveller fast and get a message to them via SMS text, email, and text to voice—so in case of emergency or business continuity issues (like weather delays to a flight, an unexpected office shutdown, etc.), you can get in touch with your people and help them get home safely. A good risk messaging platform will:

  • Notify the traveller, travel manager/administrator, and the company’s security team if you’re traveling in a high-risk country, or if an event has just occurred in that country that may threaten your traveller’s safety or the continuity of business
  • Help the traveller find valuable resources in the area—police and emergency services, but also office locations, directions, and other information
  • Integrate with your travellers’ itineraries, even if they booked direct, to identify their location—our Risk Messaging platform integrates with TripLink, so that Concur can deliver that information from any of the vendors we partner with
  • Be accessible not just to enterprise companies, but to small and medium businesses as well


Duty of care isn’t window dressing, or checking a box.


“We know you care about your people—and when disaster strikes, you need to be able to ascertain their whereabouts and get them to safety.”


Investing in a plan for risk messaging is the first step to doing just that.


The next step is to find a risk management provider who can assist you during a disaster. When your traveller needs medical attention, security, a rescue team, or the next flight out of a rapidly deteriorating locale, a good risk management provider will be your best friend.


Ultimately, without becoming the big brother no one wants, you cannot know where everyone is all the time.  The goal by reducing the gap of unidentified travellers is to get as close to 100% as possible—but people miss trains, or decide to stay over at a friend’s. Being able to capture their itineraries can make the difference between helping them out of a bad situation and watching helplessly from the side-lines.


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