More Than Just Expense: The Bigger Picture

You probably think of SAP Concur as an expense management solution. But ask our customers and they’d tell you a different – much larger – story.

Whether you’re already using SAP Concur solutions to manage your travel, expense or invoice (or all three), or you’re interested in learning where SAP Concur solutions could take your business, we believe that the people you can learn the most from are our customers, who are at the heart of everything we do.

We’ve put together an ebook that demonstrates the breadth of what we do and the unique journey that each of our customers embark on. We also have a 30 Customers in 30 Days showcase of organisations who have also benefited from what SAP Concur solutions can offer.

Here’s just snapshot, but for the full picture you’ll need to head to the ebook.

Smoother Procurement

Complex businesses demand robust business intelligence. Apetito UK, a £130 million revenue food producer, had a large data issue – not surprising when you consider it makes 63,000 food deliveries over 12,000 routes every year.

With a new analytics and DevOps team on board, Apetito UK saw an opportunity to use their data to spot financial trends and enable faster purchasing decisions, within company spending guidelines.

All employees now have access to Concur Invoice. “If IT needs a new piece of hardware, or Marketing needs to launch a new campaign, they shouldn’t be slowed down by a 10-step procurement process,” says Nick Swallow, Senior Project Systems Accountant at Apetito UK.

The 300 regular users of SAP Concur Invoice have definitely seen things speed up.

Taking on the World

When you want to grow bigger, you have to work faster. Atkins, a global design and engineering consultancy, has grown from 600 global employees in the US, to 50,000 worldwide. All with SAP Concur solutions driving the business forward.

Atkins identified main business cases for expense automation: VAT leakage, lack of policy compliance and the number of employees involved in checking receipts. Following its adoption of SAP Concur solutions, including Audit, in 2019, the organisation has saved £10k in VAT leakage and prevented $9k of duplicate flights.

A Single Platform

RED, the largest global staffing agency, knows first-hand the power of using SAP Concur solutions – they’ve pretty much got the lot. It’s the power of one, integrated platform, and the friendly SAP Concur team on the other end of the phone, that has impressed RED the most.

RED has also added Invoice, Budget and Intelligence to its platform, the latter saving them £20,000 per year on taxis with a simple move to Uber Business.

TMC Integration

Booking a train to Manchester from Leatherhead shouldn’t cause a headache, but without automation it sometimes can. The majority of Surrey-based Dermalogica’s 400 employees are on-the-road most of the time or work from home. An in-house travel team of three meant the paper-based booking process was time-consuming, inflexible and error-prone.

The answer was a travel solution, in the form of a partnership between SAP Concur solutions and travel management company Business Travel Direct.

“Our main difficulty was domestic travel – we wanted to be able to book a train to Manchester really easily, for example – and we just wanted it automated and sorted through the tool. Business Travel Direct really understood that about the business,” says Tom Miner, Accounting Manager at Dermalogica.

No more headaches at Dermalogica thanks to SAP Concur and its solid TMC partnerships.

Digital Transformation

Gloucestershire Country Council had been talking about Digital Transformation for some time. Employees had been asking for improvements to their expense processes for a while as they manually submitted mileage claims for 2.8 million miles in 2018, and who’s got time for that?

With 3500 employees expected to hand in all receipts, it was also very difficult for the Council to reclaim VAT. With the roll-out of SAP Concur Expense and Drive, the organisation has taken the next step towards Digital Transformation.

We hope this snapshot of some of our customers will inspire you on your journey towards business spend automation. There’s no reason why you couldn’t be next on the list!

For more information, read the ebook and the 30 customers in 30 days stories.




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