The 6 Faces of Employee Expenses: What is Your Expense Claim Personality Type?


Are you a Big Spender or a Last-Minuter? What is your expense claim personality type? Take this fun quiz to figure out what your expense claim 'personality type' is, then come back again next week to find out what your business can do to get the most out of each personality type.



The 6 Faces of Employee Expenses – Part 1


What type of ‘expense claim personality type’ do you have? Here are 6 typical business expenses personality types that we could think of. Have a look through the list below and see if you can identify any of these people in your team.


1)    The Big Spender:


For the Big Spender, anything (and everything) goes – and most of it goes on expenses. The big spender believes in making the most of their ability to charge items to their corporate card.


2)    The Last-Minuter:


This employee finds submitting expenses a pain because they have more important things to do. They will end up with huge piles of unclaimed receipts in their wallet and a surprisingly large bill to reimburse when they do get around to claiming (finally). They have a tendency to forget or lose receipts and either end up being out-of-pocket themselves, or trying to claim for items without the right evidence.


3)    The Wild Card:


This is the type of claimant who will push the boundaries of acceptable expense submission behaviour, but in varied and unpredictable ways. They might adhere, most of the time, but then (for example) submit an outrageous claim for lost luggage, an expensive business meal or a crazily-priced flight.


4)    The Justifier:


Usually a compliant submitter, the Justifier will occasionally throw in an expenses wildcard that actually has good business motives. Also known as the ‘There’s-a-Good-Reason-for-This-One’ employee, the Justifier is the kind of submitter who will expense things that appear to be out-of-policy on the surface, but when you drill-down into the detail the chances are that there will be a good business case for the expense.


5)    The Scrooge:


The Scrooge takes as much care with the company’s credit card as they would their own, if not more so. But they will also expense every single item that they think company should cover – from a postage stamp to a new (but business-critical, of course) piece of software.


6)    The Cautious Spender:


Tis is the middle-of-the-road expense submitter. They might push the boundaries of the spirit of the expenses policy occasionally, but usually only with good reason.

Would you like to know how businesses can help or discipline each expense claim personality type to comply with their corporate expenses policy? Read the next blog in this series.


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