Ready to Take Control of Business Travel?

Are you responsible for managing business travel?


Then you’ll know how frustrating it is when people ignore policies, sidestep the booking system and go direct to suppliers only to submit unexpected expenses weeks later.


Managing business travel has grown beyond just booking trips. As resources get tighter and the travel industry continues to evolve, you have to balance the goals of your company with the needs of your business travellers.


At SAP Concur, we understand how difficult these challenges can be to overcome. But we do have a solution. Our travel ecosystem brings together a range of partner services, your company travel and expense policy and negotiated rates in one place. When combining Concur Travel with TripLink, you can even capture data from bookings made outside of corporate systems.


Now, your employees can easily book flights, hotels and hire cars from a desktop or mobile device. And they can book with the suppliers they know and love, without breaking the rules as it’s much easier to select compliant options.


For you and your business, you’re able to control costs, review all your data in one place and ultimately get full visibility of your travel and expense spend.


Suddenly, it becomes much easier to make more informed decisions about business travel without compromising on employee satisfaction.


Ready to take control of business travel?

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