Risk Management: Can you see the whole picture?

I had the chance to attend the 60th Annual ASIS Seminar and Exhibits in Atlanta recently and talked to dozens of security professionals who are experts at looking at risk from all sides. We talked at length about their strategies for managing travel risk, but inevitably our conversations led to something they hadn’t thought about before: if a risk event occurs, how do companies notify and assist all employees, not just the ones who are travelling?

Many risk systems are good at locating business travellers and expats, at least those for whom a travel itinerary has been documented in a company’s travel system (that’s another story, one you’ll hear more about at GBTA’s Europe Conference in Berlin this month).


But what about the employees who are working remotely or just in transit, at a client meeting in the area, or are permanent employees who work in that location? If a company has to evacuate people, do they assist and evacuate only the business travellers and expats? Or do they need to assist every single employee in the impacted area?

Through these conversations I had with security professionals in Atlanta, I feel that there is a growing realisation among them that travel risk management only encompasses one part of total employee risk management.

They key point is this: what responsibility does a company have to locate and communicate with all employees affected by a crisis?

Concur has been working diligently on empowering our clients to manage risk in a smarter, more holistic way – to reach not just the business traveller, but every employee.


Imagine if, in a few strokes, you could use a keyword query to locate all members of the “executive team” at that exact moment, wherever they happen to be travelling or working. Or imagine if you could pinpoint the whereabouts of every person, worldwide, who manages the company’s public relations function, wherever they work. And then once you’ve found them, you could push a single message to the entire group, into their mobile phones, usually the fastest way to reach them.

Concur makes it possible, using this kind of functionality, to take Risk Management to another level. In fact, we’re extremely proud that our Risk Messaging solution has just been short-listed by the Institute of Risk Management for the prestigious IRM Global Risk Awards 2015 in two categories: Managing Risk Across Boundaries and Innovation Through Technology.

I’m looking forward to continuing the conversation with security professionals in Europe at the GBTA Conference in Berlin on November 12-14. See you there!

Jon Richardson is a travel security professional with extensive experience designing and developing travel risk management programs for FTSE and FORTUNE listed companies across a broad range of sectors. Jon has managed travel security and crisis evacuations for numerous organisations throughout North Africa, the Middle East and South America.

Jon is responsible for the strategic development and launch of the Concur Risk Messaging platform throughout the EMEA region. Concur Risk Messaging capitalises on a powerful data ecosystem that delivers travel and employee risk management, global risk monitoring and alerting, mass notification, smart messaging, integrated crisis response and next generation intelligence and reporting.

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