SAP Concur Named A Leader By IDC MarketScape

Don’t wait for the pieces of your business spend management strategy to fall into place. SAP Concur can give you full visibility over business spend by connecting your travel, expense, and invoice processes.

That’s just one of the reasons why we’ve been named a leader by IDC 2019 vendor assessment. Read on to find out more about the benefits of connected spend management.

IDC MarketPlace Findings
The IDC MarketScape evaluated vendors’ strengths and capabilities focusing on SaaS and cloud-enabled enterprise travel and expense management applications – and we’re proud to have been positioned in the Leaders Category.

The IDC MarketScape noted that SAP Concur’s expense management applications were able to support global enterprises with sophisticated needs. They were also impressed with the way SAP Concur is able to heavily automate the expense report creation and approval process – greatly reducing the number of clicks and manual effort.

 SAP Concur was recommended as a Leader based on the following key strengths:

  • Name recognition: “SAP Concur has the advantage of name recognition. Part of this stems from the large global base of customers, which is now over 48,000 in more than 150 countries worldwide.”  
  • Investment in innovation: “Concur Labs is a division within SAP Concur with the purpose of developing innovative features for its travel, expense, and invoicing applications. The investment has continued with a recent push to dive deeper into machine learning and its expense management use cases.”
  • Functionality: “SAP Concur offers deep functionality driven by decades of years of development and a handful of acquisitions that serve to add further functionality to the solution.”

IDC Marketscape Report



What makes a good business spend management solution?
Good spend management solutions are able to move data quickly, securely, and accurately. IDC MarketScape's report described the best spend management systems as working like an ecosystem. They operate in a ‘coordinated dance’ between dozens of systems and partner entities.

This is exactly how SAP Concur functions. We connect the dots between expense, travel, and invoice to give unrivalled visibility into business spend.  


“Concur were more cohesive and provided a more complete solution. We had full confidence in them and in the SAP Concur team, and more importantly the solution itself.”Simon Swain, Transaction Services Manager – Finance, Pentland Brands


The benefits of connected business spend management
SAP Concur solutions gives you the visibility to identify the challenges in each area of business spend management – and connect them. You can then drive efficiency and reduce errors across the entire business spend management process. For example, SAP Concur connects information to give you a complete view of business travel. When employees start travelling again, you can keep them safe as well as budget more appropriately.

When it comes to expenses, issues with compliance, auditing, and VAT reclaim are costing businesses time and money. SAP Concur helps by clearly marking out-of-policy options, flagging issues to the approver, and preventing non-compliance before it happens. When travel and expense are connected, it’s easier to identify VAT that’s eligible for reclaim.

With invoicing brought into the picture too, you have a truly holistic business spend management system.


“Creating our own expense claims system does not make us a better postal service. This is why we were on the lookout for a user-friendly solution – one that is compatible with our cloud strategy. SAP Concur solutions are leading in this field.” Ineke Bonder, Project Leader for SAP Concur Solutions, Koninklijke PostNL B.V.

The travel and expense market changes rapidly. Don’t wait for the pieces of your business spend strategy to fall into place. Experience fully integrated travel and expense management from SAP Concur’s solutions.

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