Small Business Week: Giving Small Businesses the Power of Big

We work with small businesses up and down the country every day, helping them to automate and streamline their travel, expense and invoice processes. We see how SAP Concur gives small businesses what they’re looking for – the ability to improve their productivity by switching to paperless systems and gain better visibility and control.


Building the Intelligent Enterprise


SAP Concur is part of a unique suite of solutions that equips your entire small business with the power of big. They are solutions that move your business to the next level and help you become an Intelligent Enterprise – able to leverage the overwhelming volume of data that is available to you and draw truly meaningful insights. And as an Intelligent Enterprise, you are able to operate with visibility, focus and agility to achieve game-changing outcomes.


SAP Business One is a market leading ERP suite-in-a-box designed for small and medium businesses.  It allows you to harness your biggest strength – your size. Bigger organisations need to implement separate ERP systems across finance management, sales and customer management, purchasing and inventory control and production planning – whilst SAP Business One gives you these tools in a single system at a very affordable price. Your entire business is able to access real-time business intelligence, analytics and reporting from a single platform, giving you visibility, control and analytical insights across every part of your business.


SAP Business One is tailored for small and medium companies and has already provided an Intelligent platform to over 60,000 customers around the world who trust the solution to run all lines of business on a day to day basis.


Like SAP Concur, SAP Business One is ICAEW-accredited, giving you peace of mind you have implemented reliable and independently-evaluated software. And like SAP Concur it has been designed to be accessible, affordable and scalable.



Intelligent Spend Management at the Heart of the Intelligent Enterprise

SAP Concur sits at the heart of the Intelligent Enterprise because it gives finance managers the tools of Intelligent Spend Management. In other words, you are able to be the finance leader your company needs, making smart, intelligent decisions around the growth of your business and how to achieve it.


For example, you are able to collect and connect data that was previously siloed, recognise patterns and gain actionable insights. You are able to understand where you are spending and ensure you see erroneous spending in time to do something about it. And you have the ability to respond more quickly to change and pivot to ensure the best outcomes whilst remaining compliant.


Understanding the Importance of the Intelligent Enterprise

Codestone is a leading SAP integration partner and has over two decades of experience consulting, implementing and supporting SAP solutions. During that time it has managed over 500 full lifecycle ERP projects across a huge number of industries and sectors, using its experience to deliver valuable insight to its customers’ implementations and helping them reach their full potential. It means the company has a unique insight into business trends and developments.


Dan Hobson, Chief Commercial Officer at the company, says: “SAP Concur, SAP Business One and SAP Business ByDesign are our most valuable business partners. It’s as simple as that. We have built our business up over 22 years by believing in their vision for the modern enterprise and working closely with them to become the market leading SAP services provider to the SME.”


He says the reasons behind small business’s shift to using automation solutions such as SAP Concur and SAP Business One are simple: “Most businesses now have to be able to provide up-to-the-second, real-time information to internal teams as well as to their customers, suppliers and stakeholders. They know that if they can’t do this, they will become irrelevant in the not-too-distant future.”


Dan sums up the benefits of using SAP Concur and SAP Business One by saying: “It is an unbeatable combination. The result for customers is a larger volume of accurate, up-to-the-minute data being captured by the core business software which then delivers priceless insight to the business stakeholders.” 


He concludes: “SAP Business One is the best-in-class ERP solution for SMEs. Being able to add and integrate a spend management solution directly from the same vendor stable in the form of SAP Concur is a compelling proposition. Our customers can have confidence the solutions they invest in are going to evolve together, have long term value and will always integrate seamlessly.”


Celebrating Small Businesses This Week and Every Week

SAP is committed to supporting small businesses with affordable, accessible, scalable tools such as SAP Concur and SAP Business One. They’re tools that give small businesses the power of big and they help you fuel your growth now – and into the future.


We’re highlighting and celebrating this commitment in our Small Business Week, which is running 3 to 7 June 2019. For more information and resources, visit


Find out more about the Codestone and SAP Concur and SAP Business One partnership.

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